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This week’s guest is my dear friend Rachel Stein!RACHEL

This episode with Rachel is older than the last (recorded 5.11.18), but I have to share it, today, because a) it’s a great conversation and represents what this show does well. And b) it delves deeper into my point of view, specifically around motherhood. Today, as too many of my fellow moms are fighting for their children at our southern border, I share this discussion in solidarity con la lucha, y la responsibilidad de criar a la generación próxima.

This episode is definitive.

It defines my thought leadership on race and humanity, and it sets the stage of where I see our progress laying in wait … that is towards the feminine, towards its power, and away from whiteness as a concept. This last point is a new and unknown reality, to be determined.

It gets a bit *heady* at times. I was interviewing a phD, so I brought my A-student game. But we still center ourselves in the culture. Key references include:

“This is America” by Donald Glover

Dana caspersen, conflict specialist

Lions: Spy in the Den

New Academy Members
Academy Invites Record 928 New Members

the GOAT, James Baldwin

Eminem on Donald Trump

13th by Ava DuVernay

The Wisdom of Crowds, by James Surowiecki

Special thanks to the powerful Queen, Rachel Stein for going there with me as we came for the whiteness with which she was raised, without reservation.

*Special note: Please let it be known, the correct pronunciation is *BEE*-chella. The “Bae” pronunciation of Beyonce is just a total academic overwrite of the appropriate phonetics. Her name is pronounced BEE-yonce, not bae-yonce.  It is not the BAE-Hive, so neither is it BAE-chella. I’m talking to you too Jenna Wortham, not just my invited, beloved podcast guest.

Much, much love.



surprise cortez

Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to the people of NYC’s 14th congressional district, and to myself for keeping hope alive thanks to this tiniest glimmer of hope provided by her democratic primary win last night, amongst the cesspool of national politics we are living. My tiny glimmer of hope is for the future, and namely for the paradigm shift which any real progress requires.

So, even though you won’t hear her name even one time during the episode, I’m naming this week’s podcast OCASIO-CORTEZ!  To encourage us all to keep our eyes on the prize.  Progress is out there, and we are on our way, one way or another.

dawn korinAlso because I’ve been stumped on a title to capture the magnitude and majesty of the conversation I just had with this week’s guest: Dawn [no last name].  We covered PRIDE, ALLYSHIP, APE$**T, RICH SEX, THE (P)RESIDENCY, and much more. And we did so, as ever, in the context of paradigm-shift, and using all kinds of big and little words for your listening pleasure.  Seriously, about 2/3 of the way in Dawn drops “denouement” like it’s her middle name. I just played it cool like, “oh, but of course!”

PLEASE enjoy and clap back at us.  If you feel your voice needs to be heard, it does.  This movement needs bodies.  Send yours here.

Peace and love.

Blast Off!

I’m making a podcast, same name as this blog.  But what does this blog even mean? Precisely.

Have a listen!

Podcast Notes:

  • People Have Color is a paradigm shift kinda show. The title asks us not to separate whiteness from color, when it comes to people.
  • I interview guests about the latest in culture through the frame of our own identities and interests. Not unheard of, but here we shake the frame to get its coins. #reparations.
  • The first episode was recorded before the pod had a title or an explicit focus, though it turns out I only have one kind of podcast in me, so it’s quite consistent with what to expect.
  • That expectation is RACE. This pod is an interrogation of American culture where race is concerned, which is everywhere. The content is sensitive, and the payoff is paradigm shift.
  • I am a race critic. I’m not the only one obviously, just my own, excellent version. You know how movie critics are a thing?
  • PLEASE COMMENT. I’d very much like to talk about ideas.
  • peoplehavecolor@gmail.com
  • I’m DYING to get started on this project of sharing my voice, so the production will be quick, and fairly amateur.  If you come, come for the voice(s)!  All puns enjoyed.

Episode Notes:

  • I love this first episode. The guest is my illustrious, self-employed hubby, Sam Bathrick. It came out so well and was so much fun to record that Sam lobbied to be my permanent guest host, but… this is my show.
  • We get into everything: our interracial marriage, gentrified Brooklyn, the trick of race, the aspiration of love, paradigm shift, climate change, moving to the woods and generational progress.
  • It’s a ride, so hang on and you will get a thrill.
  • Please comment.

Peace, and much love,
Your Host

A Life Less Boring


Most professional communication, of any kind, is incredibly boring, overwrought, and unnecessary.  Much of that is done intentionally, so as to obscure meaning, so that we can continue to bullshit ourselves and each other, to create “work,” which is to say problems to “solve,” so we can remain gainfully employed.

Turns out I’m building a fairly unconventional “career” blog here, since nearly every post is about my latest “eureka” moment wherein I spinoff on a new path.  30+ years into  figuring myself out, and I’m still coming up with new ideas.  Of late, I’m bursting with ideas, self-directedly, and I’m finally, after 30+ years, entitled enough to pursue them–to claim my direction.  So, what I’m really good at is tuning out if what I’m hearing makes no sense, has no rhythm or adds no value.  I’m really good at tuning in if the opposites are true.  I’m incredibly good at tuning into substance.  I’m then even better at boiling down that heavy substance into delicious, bite-size pieces–like puff pastries that stick to your ribs.

For LinkedIn:  Korin Mills has been calling bullshit and cutting the fat at some of the best and brightest media organizations in the world for the past 15 years.  Like a laserbeam of truth, she unearths the bottom line time and time again to save time, energy and money which might otherwise manifest as confusion, burned bridges, bad hires or wrong turns.  Employees not getting the message?  Or is it your  manager(s)?  What is it you need to say?  Have you said it?  To the right person(s)?  I can help.

Here forward I endeavor to post examples of such help, along with an increasingly sophisticated business plan which relies upon it.  It’s my only way forward.  My only shot at success.  This has been a puff pastry on the meaning of my life to date.