surprise cortez

Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to the people of NYC’s 14th congressional district, and to myself for keeping hope alive thanks to this tiniest glimmer of hope provided by her democratic primary win last night, amongst the cesspool of national politics we are living. My tiny glimmer of hope is for the future, and namely for the paradigm shift which any real progress requires.

So, even though you won’t hear her name even one time during the episode, I’m naming this week’s podcast OCASIO-CORTEZ!  To encourage us all to keep our eyes on the prize.  Progress is out there, and we are on our way, one way or another.

dawn korinAlso because I’ve been stumped on a title to capture the magnitude and majesty of the conversation I just had with this week’s guest: Dawn [no last name].  We covered PRIDE, ALLYSHIP, APE$**T, RICH SEX, THE (P)RESIDENCY, and much more. And we did so, as ever, in the context of paradigm-shift, and using all kinds of big and little words for your listening pleasure.  Seriously, about 2/3 of the way in Dawn drops “denouement” like it’s her middle name. I just played it cool like, “oh, but of course!”

PLEASE enjoy and clap back at us.  If you feel your voice needs to be heard, it does.  This movement needs bodies.  Send yours here.

Peace and love.

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