The Blind Side

Today, when I reflect on the American month of February, I feel exhausted and overburdened by how far we haven’t come. Lately, I’ve been referring to “the Big Lie” in my life as American Race. To distinguish it. To make it more recognizable. And to help remember its artificial nature. It’s not naturally occurring. It’s synthetic. PerhapsContinue reading “The Blind Side”

Stand back and Stand by!

I said “white men” on twitter an uncomfortable number of times on debate night. It’s hard to say WHITE out loud, and stand by it. Did you see what that fool did up there? It’s hard to acknowledge that I found it hard to do as well.  White solidarity (pretending  about or ignoring whiteness altogether)Continue reading “Stand back and Stand by!”

On the Eve of QUEEN & SLIM

It appears that we are here. We have ARRIVED at the feminine future. We Are HERE. We’ve been telling yall time’s up. It wasn’t a request. The Dawn of a New Age Wherein a black woman stands, with more black women, at the TIPPY TOP of their powers. We are in a new place inContinue reading “On the Eve of QUEEN & SLIM”