Beasts Year


I think Beasts could win it all if they do the right campaign. This opinion is sight unseen, or blind, if you will.

I am, however, fairly disappointed by Benh Zeitlin’s photo.

Benh+Zeitlin+Film+Independent+2012+Los+Angeles+vZeRqVW_c3ilWe share an alma mater, 5 years apart, and with that I hoped a kinship of taste and knowing right from wrong. I also hoped for hotness, of some kind. But I guess you don’t need it all. Or, I could just be wrong about him and his work since I have only speculation and google images on the subject. I’m pretty happy for him, partly (largely) because I like to think his success means something special about me too.

Things on the Internet

I love this commercial–a song I’ve never heard before sounds awesome playing in a car while the supreme square driving it plays a nasty air drum until he sees he’s being watched and is stunned to a halt like any good, ruly, civilian. It’s a hoot.

So I googled the song that’s so good that I never heard of and found this incredible, little-known piece of irony worth sharing.

Nice win, Reparations.

What You Know ’bout B?

Don’t the pundits know they don’t know shit by now already? Damn. Someone else must have connected John Kerry’s Iowa outcome with Barack in ’08 before I just did.

A few other points. You read it here first:

NPR’s Brian Lehrer reported that only 1 in 10 Iowans cared about “general electability” when choosing a candidate. Of course Brian Lehrer finds this surprising, as all we’ve been hearing about are the Democrat “electability” problems from the media with credibility problems. If anyone’s unelectable isn’t it a Republican? We cannot allow the presidential election to spin out of control again.

2- It’s a shame about Hillary.

She is a victim of sexism no matter what we all want to say. BUT, she is also a wooden, relic of the old status quo. Her real problem is that she can’t help but represent a feminist past that is no longer the future. That is to say, her real problem is Barack Obama. The light of the future seems to flatter him while it plays up the flaws in everyone else’s complexion.

3- John Edwards = $400 haircut.

It’s a defining contradiction. We may ingest today’s news in pictures and sound bites, but the American people are very selective and sophisticated in our consumption of media. For most of us trying to keep up, there’s simply not time to take in more than the “main idea.” And sorry to say, Johnny’s lost his grip on this. How’s he ever gonna say “2 Americas” again without sounding like a schizophrenic?

Again, in the light of B he’s not quite so bright.

His best quality was that honest smile. Tough break.

4- B, please pick your head up.

How can you win the general election with your head cocked to the side? That’s not the kind of leader who wins on TV. We are now half a century beyond JFK/Nixon.

5- That said,

seriously, please get that security detail right, my man.