Real World Examples

Real talk, to move us forward.Welcome back, me! I’ve missed you! EPISODE NOTES References include:My Mic Sounds Nice, by Salt N PepaJeremy Bearimy on TwitterHave We Hit Peak Podcast?Planned ParenthoodLeana Wen, M.D.Brene Brown and “The Arena” Around the 15:55 mark I get into Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony which, if you got somewhere to be, skip ahead toContinue reading “Real World Examples”

Green Book Was Everybody’s 2nd Choice

I think that’s why it won, technically-speaking—because of the preferential ballots system.  Considering the audible gasps in the room on Sunday night, it’s unlikely that Green Book was an overwhelming top choice, and I would love more actual data analysis of the voting.  Here’s how I think it went down: After the initial elimination ofContinue reading “Green Book Was Everybody’s 2nd Choice”


  Today we debut a NEW, quarterly, feature series we’re calling, The Mother Load about all of the things. In this inaugural episode my featured co-host Nina Laing and I discuss: – the shock of new motherhood – mom identities and model moms – the elusive village – Halloween and the holidays – the dollarContinue reading “Introducing THE MOTHER LOAD”