Catch Up

Pardon me, but have you heard my most recent podcasts?

This episode features dear friend and deep thinker, Gavinn Boyce.

5:07 #facts We need to start moving faster if we’re gonna survive.

12:10 we name the stakes of impeachment: The potential for a non-corrupt democracy to exist in a free nation.
We also get into the new Netflix documentary, THE GREAT HACK
ie. the data crisis of our generation.
ie. the biggest threat to our way of life which you will not hear addressed at the next presidential debate.

16:45 Who knows what’s going on in silicon valley? Anybody? Really?

17:40 WHAT IF … finally arriving at the bleakest of possible takes

… it then still takes me TWO WHOLE MINUTES TO SAY IT, BUT…

19:25 Let’s consider whether climate change is the price of white supremacy.
And that we’re either going to overcome it or die by it.
And that this is THE test of our existence–whether we will destroy ourselves or truly reckon and survive.

25:30 the world we’re leaving our children.

27: lighter fare:
Da Baby – does he sound like TI or is that just me?
Young MA – is she getting less love than Da Baby or is that just Gav?


This is NORMANI. Get into it… or don’t.
Featuring the illustrious TAVI FIELDS.

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