A Life Less Boring


Most professional communication, of any kind, is incredibly boring, overwrought, and unnecessary.  Much of that is done intentionally, so as to obscure meaning, so that we can continue to bullshit ourselves and each other, to create “work,” which is to say problems to “solve,” so we can remain gainfully employed.

Turns out I’m building a fairly unconventional “career” blog here, since nearly every post is about my latest “eureka” moment wherein I spinoff on a new path.  30+ years into  figuring myself out, and I’m still coming up with new ideas.  Of late, I’m bursting with ideas, self-directedly, and I’m finally, after 30+ years, entitled enough to pursue them–to claim my direction.  So, what I’m really good at is tuning out if what I’m hearing makes no sense, has no rhythm or adds no value.  I’m really good at tuning in if the opposites are true.  I’m incredibly good at tuning into substance.  I’m then even better at boiling down that heavy substance into delicious, bite-size pieces–like puff pastries that stick to your ribs.

For LinkedIn:  Korin Mills has been calling bullshit and cutting the fat at some of the best and brightest media organizations in the world for the past 15 years.  Like a laserbeam of truth, she unearths the bottom line time and time again to save time, energy and money which might otherwise manifest as confusion, burned bridges, bad hires or wrong turns.  Employees not getting the message?  Or is it your  manager(s)?  What is it you need to say?  Have you said it?  To the right person(s)?  I can help.

Here forward I endeavor to post examples of such help, along with an increasingly sophisticated business plan which relies upon it.  It’s my only way forward.  My only shot at success.  This has been a puff pastry on the meaning of my life to date.

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