Can I?

Can I live my life as an example?  I’m obsessed with this idea of making a contribution–to progress, justice, equality, peace, health and joy.  I know they all work together.  But I also want to be doing my part.  Doing right, living right.  Meaning with integrity.  Sleeping at night.  Having all those things I listed for myself means that it’s possible in the world and I can live with that.  Is that enough?  Yes.  Because I don’t have all those things.  Because having all that is having it all which is like perfection which isn’t real.  It’s the striving that defines us humans.  The endlessness.

So, anyway, I’m restarting this blog again, as my “career” blog.  The place where I write about endeavoring to fulfill my ambition.  But as I come to terms with myself and live a life more fulfilled, I accept more and more that my career is a moving target.  I can’t commit.  Or I won’t.  Or I won’t because one can’t.  If I am to live my greatest life I can’t predetermine it.  I just have to work and follow the work.  Live humbly, simply, according to my values and with respect for my powers; a life awake.

So, herein, I endeavor to pursue and define and pursue further and redefine “work.”  Right now it’s this. This was all brought on by the way by my pursuit of a healthier diet instead of the shit I’m regularly ingesting.  From this moment forward, I endeavor to not eat flesh.  I don’t eat flesh.  My plan is to meditate on it in hard times.  To accept that it’s going to be hard for the first week and progressively easier thereafter.  I’ll need support.  I’m going to find it.

So, sometimes this blog will be funny.  Sometimes it will be hella deep.  Sometimes it might suck.  Sometimes it will be a podcast or a video.  All the time it will be me in real time.

I consider myself a Facilitator.  Documentarian.  MC.  Comic.  Critic.  Narrator.  Voice.

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