I’ve been with you from the start.  I followed you to Miami and back to Cleveland.  I didn’t have high hopes, but I was with you.  I’m always with you.  And now you have prevailed.  I’m looking for the shoe to drop filled with allegations.  About the league, the officials, the status quo.  The big stars that make the league.  Lebron has years left.  It’s a great story.  Is it the greatest? Is it worth duplicitous acts by the league?  Even so, can any such thing truly be carried off?  These are gladiators and they leave it on the floor.  I saw a tweet claiming Lebron’s block of Iguodala’s layup was “fixed,” clearly.  I’m like, “que?”  You can’t fix such a thing.  The alley-oop from J.R.,  the block, these things are in God’s plan, not man’s.  ‘Bron is but a vessel, and he was tuned in.  Put some respek on his name.

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