The Truth to Power Hour, Vol. 3 – Welcome Steve!

Episode three brings the most welcome of all additions, the voice of Steve Gray, to the Truth to Power Hour.  I don’t want to give you too much up front. I’ll just say you’ll hear right away what a huge mistake it’s been not to have brought Steve on sooner.  Since we like to keep things timely and relevant, we’ll obviously be discussing the second to last Rihanna single and video, Kiss It Better, as it relates to world affairs.  You’ll quickly understand this too.  It’s gonna get lively up in here.  As ever, we invite you to join in with your own hot heads and knee-jerk reactions.  Or, listen a bit now and a bit later, and if in a few days a new and related thought strikes you, HOLLER AT US!  We mean it.  We love you for listening.
Featured Instrumentals:
Shy Glizzy, Cut It
Rihanna, Kiss It Better
Madonna, Human Nature
Rihanna, Consideration
Rihanna, Work (featuring Drake)
*Steve welcome/Whitney tribute video by this internet beast.  You have to listen to the whole podcast to get the connection.

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