What in the Hell Kind of GD Video is This?

What is this lazy shit? I’m shocked. Dope song. Mixed reviews. The video is your chance to make your case…

You blew it, ‘Ye.

After I woke up I still couldn’t figure out what that woman was doing laying around in those curtains. Is she his money that needs to get right? Is this video just a crazy dream I had about shitty music videos and maybe it doesn’t really exist? Let’s hope so.

I am really, sorely, wholely disappointed with the lack of vision in the visuals nowadays. People act like the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song. Sorry I’m late, but this just brings to mind certain other stinging offenses of which I have yet to let go. Namely:

Beyonce riding in the backseat, and then in the trunk of her man’s car, showing us what it takes to be an “Upgrade”:

There’s something really fancy about that chair Jay’s sitting in. Wait a minute, it’s Beyonce! Why, she’s upgraded it! That’s clear to see.

Here we have Beyonce claiming to be the “Suga Mama” of a man that’s nowhere to be seen whilst riding a fake bull and swinging on a pole:

What kinda “Suga Mama” works for tips? Oh, but she is wearing a man’s dress shirt so maybe that means she gets an official check for her work. Is she her own Suga Mama? She’s the only one there.

Am I being too hard on Kanye by making this comparison? Or are you just too in love with him to see straight? I feel what that dude at EW is saying about the stage lights in the desert at night but WTF is he doing during the day? Nope. It’s not okay. It’s disappointing.

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