Stick ‘em Up!

Seriously, $600? I’ll wait a year. At least.

Although, someone commented to me the other day that Apple doesn’t really lower its prices over time. But that’s not entirely true. At $349 the newest, giant iPod (80GB) beats the puny, orginal iPod (5GB) by $50. That’s progress, right? Sort of.

Now the original wonder of 1,000 songs comes in 4GB instead of 5, for half the price. It’s called a Nano ($149). What I don’t understand is why anyone would pay the same price for the double Nano (8GB) as for the smaller iPod (30GB). Seriously. They both cost $249. And you can’t watch “Ugly Betty” on a Nano.

Aside: I also wonder why we still call them “Macs.” Nostalgia? That’s a good enough reason for me. Though I am fond of the term, when was the last time you heard the company referred to as Apple Macintosh?

In any case, I definitely don’t have $600, or AT&T for that matter. And I’m not getting either one anytime soon. But somehow I think I’ll make do. Computers. They really are/have been/will become the future. A computer that fits into your hand/purse/pocket/brain. That’s what iPhone hysteria is about: the pursuit of oneness for the iGeneration. Connectivity technology. The tippy top of the first world. Who needs it, really? Your life in your hands. As if any of us can really control our lives.

But for real, I’m into the tech. Better, faster, smarter. It’s all good. What frustrates me is how far behind we are from the actual forefront of personal computing innovation. Like this, for instance:

Is it real or photoshop? If it’s real, how come we don’t know shit about it? Do you know something about it? Please put me on.

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